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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  March 22, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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ms. young also wants to attend the jebing college at gwu and -- the engineering college at gwu and she wants to double major in music. why? >> i want to develop my own electronic company as well as student software, so open that up and teach kids music. >> reporter: stand aside work, the scholars are going to gwu. in washington john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> the news keeps coming tonight. brian bolter with the news edge at 11:00. the news edge begins with a scary attack in maryland. prince george's county police say a man ambushed and sexually assaulted a realtor getting ready to show a house. fox 5's wisdom martin working this one at police headquarters tonight. >> reporter: police say she was simply doing her job getting ready to show that house when the suspect walked in and sexually assaulted her. tonight police are in the neighborhood looking for anyone with any information that could lead them to this suspect. the attack happened around 7:40
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wednesday at this vacant house in suitland. investigators say a realtor was getting the house ready to show to a potential client. >> the unknown suspect went in behind her through an unsecured door, grabbed the victim, sexually assaulted her and fled the scene. >> reporter: tonight police canvas the area with flyers going door to door looking for any information that may lead them to a suspect. >> i saw the police arrive about 9 p.m. and i stepped outside and asked the policeman and they were busy trying to find somebody in the area. they said go back to your house. it's serious and like i told a while ago, it notches up our security problem here. >> reporter: news of a realtor being attacked while inside a house is a concern not just for neighbors. this is the president of the national association of realtors. >> never open up a house alone.
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always have a partner with you. if you're going to show houses, at least let someone in your office know where you're going, expect to be and always have a charged cell phone at all times. >> reporter: she says they recently offered a self-defense class for realtors and they have a national web seminar in april specifically to discuss safety during house showings. >> find out as much as you can about your prospects beforehand. know your sales area and trust your instincts. if you're suspicious, let at pointment go. point -- let the appointment go. >> reporter: you just heard her mention some of the things they talk about with realtors. she says there's a list of safety tips with all sorts of suggestions on safety for any realtor who has access to a website to look at this and prepare before they go in and start showing houses. this is a big concern for realtors, especially after something like this happened. tonight police are still searching for that suspect. prince george's county police also investigating another sexual assault,
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happened around 6 a.m. this morning several hours after the attack in suitland. a masked man entered an apartment on green lawn drive and attacked a woman inside. so far no arrests. still no arrests in a deadly stabbing in southeast overnight on ninth street, a pregnant woman stabbed in the stomach. she was eight months pregnant and the son she was carrying did not survive. neighbors say the violence that happened is not unusual. many fear for their safety. >> lay in my bed, i can look out my window and see police flying around here all night long and hear gunshots and just say lord, don't let no bullet come in my house. >> police tell us there were no signs of forced entry into the apartment and ask for anyone with information about the case to call them. thousands of protestors turned out for a rally in florida tonight to demand a neighborhood watch captain be arrested. they're upset george zimmerman has not yet been charged in the shooting death of an unarmed teenager. meantime the local police chief stepped aside temporarily.
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>> reporter: a florida police chief stepping down temporarily following a fatal shooting near orlando. sanford police chief bill lee has been criticized after police did not arrest a neighborhood watch volunteer who killed an unarmed black teen. >> i stand by the sanford police department, its personnel and the investigation that was conducted in regards to the trayvon martin case. it is apparent that my involvement in this matter is overshadowing the process. >> reporter: trayvon martin was reportedly returning from a trip to a con convenience store when george zimmerman shot him february 26th claiming the shooting was in self-defense saying the 17-year-old attacked him. the justice department and fbi opened a civil rights investigation. ation. >> as we gather the facts, we will then determine whether or not the facts support a prosecution under the civil rights laws that we enforce. >> reporter: the reverend al sharpton attending a rally with
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the victim's parents calling for justice. >> arrest zimmerman now! that's what this rally is about! investigate the entire police department! from top to bottom, we don't need temporary leave relief. we need permanent change! >> temporary stepdown of bill lee is nothing. we want an arrest. we want a conviction and we want it for the murder of our son. >> reporter: the state appointed an independent prosecutor and a grand jury will convene april 10th to determine whether charges should be filed against the shooter. in miami, steve harrigan, fox news. a barbershop busted in prince george's county yesterday afternoon at nouveau hair on new hampshire avenue in takoma park. the shop was raided. 20 bags of counterfeit and stolen goods were found, including bottles of tide, fake designer watches and clothes, a
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street value of 120 knife thousand. four people were arrested and face -- 125,000. four people were arrested and face theft charges. mayor vincent gray is already under federal investigation for alleged campaign irregularities. now he's accused of running a so-called shadow campaign during his 2010 mayoral run. having friends on his behalf and spending money that was never reported to election officials. fox 5 bob barnard with the story. >> reporter: touring new affordable townhomes in southeast this morning, d.c. mayor vincent gray was in no mood to talk about the story, splashed on the front page of the washington post this morning that during his 2010 campaign for mayor against incumbent adrian fenty at a time when gray was far behind in the polls and fundraising a shadow campaign as some former staffers reportedly called it paid consultants and others to get voters to the polls and produce campaign literature with cashier's checks that were never reported to elections
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officials. >> we're going to talk about this project, the washington post story. >> that's all i want to talk about today is this project, thank you. >> reporter: according to the post, veteran campaign operative vernon hawkins led the secret campaign. that's hawkins on the left in this picture with mayor gray, the two said to be close friends. >> i think given how these complaints are mushrooming and this thing is sort of taking on a life of its own, i think that the mayor would do better to launch a counter offensive of. >> reporter: robert mccartney is a metro columnist for the washington post. he's written extensively about the federal government's ongoing investigation of mayor gray and other elected officials in the district. >> it certainly seems that there's a lot of potential for major legal problems that could make it impossible one way or the other for the mayor or other senior politicians to remain in office. i think that's certainly something we have to take seriously as a possibility now. >> reporter: three weeks ago the feds raided the home and office of businessman jeffrey
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thompson who holds the most lucrative contract with the city and has donated tens of thousands of dollars to the campaigns of mayor gray and several council members who have reportedly been subpoenaed in the days since. >> it seems to me everything is frozen right now in terms of actually accomplishing anything significant and positive for the city until this thing gets settled. >> reporter: bob barnard, fox 5 news. an update on another city hall scandal, former d.c. councilman marry thomas jr. made a $20,000 payment to the -- harry thomas jr. made a $20,000 payment to the city. overall thomas owes $300,000 as a result of a settlement in a lawsuit accusing him of diverting money for youth programs for personal benefit. he's supposed to return the entire amount by the end of 2013. a bank robbery turned into a boom scare in northeast today. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> it happened at the td bank on 1st street. a man walked in, demanded cash and left. police quickly caught the guy. he claimed he left a package in
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the bank that would explode. the bank was evacuated, pop squad called in, no ex -- the bomb squad called in, no explosives were found. d.c. police arrested a teenage girl after three women were stabbed in northeast. it's believed the fight started at a mcdonald's and spilled onto rhode island avenue. three victims are expected to recover. facing high gas prices and high concern among voters president obama today announced a major policy shift, the keystone oil pipeline from texas to canada was rejected by the administration in january, but today the president approved 485 miles of pipeline from oklahoma to texas to proceed. construction is expected to begin in june and should be complete next year. brian? up next another popular grocery store in the area is ni anding the pink slime. >> -- is nixing the pink slime. >> plus a terrifying helicopter crash caught on camera. sue? >> we're tracking a couple strong downpours especially
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down by culpeper. get ready to a foggy start to our friday. after that pretty hot, the weekend forecast when i join you in a few minutes. >> plus check out some of the other stories on the rundown. we'll be right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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the second violent incident surfaced involving the army staff sergeant accused of an afghan massacre. a sheriffs report from washington state said in 2008 robert bales was accused of groping a woman and punch of punching and kicking her boy friend. the report says he was extremely intoxicated. bales is accused of killing 17 afghan villagers in their home after drinking at a bar on base and is expected to be charged for the murders tomorrow. oh, god. >> newly released video of a military helicopter crash last month in southeastern afghanistan. the apache helicopter slammed into a snowy mountainside. the pilot was making a maneuver known as return to target, but something went wrong. both pilots walked away unharmed. at home pink slime is out at giant's and petro is taking a spring break of sorts. laura evans back with your fox 5 top five. >> giants is the latest grocery store chain to stop selling a
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certain ammonia trophied ground beef filler of no. 5, yesterday it was safeway, now giant's is done with pink slime because of customer concerns. the usda says the meat known as lean finely textured beef is safe, but there's concern the beef made mostly of connective tissue often harbors e. coli and salmonella. kroger and stop and shop are also refusing to carry it. no. 4, the new ipads are barely on the market and now the hype over a new iphone is already starting. according to reuters a south korean newspaper is reporting the next version of the iphone will feature a sharper bigger screen and could be out in the next three months. no. 3, feeling lucky? a huge jackpot in the mega millions lottery. $290million, the drawing tomorrow night. match all six numbers and you could get 11 million a year for 26 years or a one time pay jot of 205 million bucks -- payout of 205 million bucks.
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no. 2, a new area code customers with existing 410 and 443 telephone numbers will not be affected. anyone who requests a new number could get the 667 exchange. no. 1, metro taking a spring break of sorts from track work and construction to accommodate the masses during the cherry blossom season. there will be no weekend work starting this saturday and they'll be operating more eight- car trains than usual during off peak hours. work will resume friday, april 20th and that is tonight's fox 5 top five. >> cruising into the weekend, at least it's going to start off on a nice note. >> it's going to start off foggy, too big surprise, right? >> yeah, all week. >> i don't see any reason why we won't have it again tomorrow. >> reminds me of california. >> feels good, a little drizzle to frizz your layer going to work. >> so i've heard. >> we will warm up after that.
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i'll tell you what. we'll be warmer tomorrow than we were today, probably 82 degrees, nothing like being 20 degrees above average, right? gets all the trees to pop, but we do see changes coming next week. it doesn't look like it's going to be quite so warm, but tonight definitely mild, our temperature 66 degrees, more typical for the high in mid- april. 66 degrees right now, 71 quantico. 68 at manassas and also dulles, so very mild all across the region. if they get that not drop too low. average actually is 58 degrees now, well above it tomorrow at 82. we adjust things a little for saturday. that's because there will be some rain around as well saturday. we really adjust it sunday, still above average, mind you, but we've got more of an east wind developing and periods of showers, maybe some rumbles of thunder, could be some severe weather south of d.c. sunday and then monday temperatures stay a little closer to what is average for this time of year
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at 64 degrees. around the region we look tonight. there have been just a couple showers and storms, but boy, they are persistent. just down through southeastern culpeper county one or two other spots, the lightning appears to be gone, but we certainly have had pretty heavy downpours and they've been moving very slowly, mostly moving south. might even be something kind of lurking on the eastern shore. you'll see this in the last couple frames, not nearly a big deal and certainly it does not have the downpour or lightning we've seen with that one. this storm, though, we've been watching this in our models for about a week and a half. it is an area of low pressure kind of cut off from the jet stream which is way north as we all know. that's why the lower 48 has been so warm. so this thing is kind of meandering along close enough to the gulf of mexico that it's pulling a lot of moisture into itself. it's having a hard time moving to the east. it will lurk across the mid- atlantic this weekend and may get going very late tomorrow night for the mountains. for this overnight it will be
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foggy, but our temperatures will be very mild, probably 61 degrees going through the overnight. then tomorrow we start out with the fog and clouds, burns off late morning to early afternoon and we get up to 80 to 85 degrees. we think downtown d.c. about 82. that's why we're saying check those cherry blossoms out because with that kind of heat and add in rain and wind this weekend, they may not last much longer. at 8 a.m. 64 degrees with the clouds and fog, by noon the sun breaks out 68 and we skyrocket to 5:00 to 81 degrees and there could be a spotty shower here and there as well. again when we get into saturday and sunday, it looks like the rain will be around. it will affect the temperatures, especially on sunday, could be some heavy downpours here and there. notice the nighttime temperatures are still fairly mild. then we begin our next workweek a little bit cooler, still above average monday about 64 degrees and sun is back tuesday at 61. everybody will be saying hey, where did all this cold weather come from? maybe that will get you thinking about hockey because that's what's feldy has on tap
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tonight. here's his sports report. this is the verizon 4g lte with dave feldman. >> good evening. talk about crunch time, entering to not only nine games left for the caps on their regular -- tonight only nine games left for the caps on their regular season docket. a chance too regain sole possession of -- to regain sole possession of eighth place in the east with the flyers. late in the 3rd quarter alex ovechkin comes out of the corner, his 33rd goal of the season just 20 seconds in, the caps in fronton -0. 2nd period still 1-0. braydon hopes these attempts fail. the game would go to a shootout tied 1-1. troy brower needs to score but is denied by ilya bryzgalov. the caps earn a point and are in eighth place a point ahead of the sabres of tomorrow night the caps host the jets.
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wizards and pacers met tonight for the first time in this lockout compressed season. they'll meet twice more hopefully with a different result. late 4th quarter wizards lead by 4, to nene with the dunk, nene with six points on three of nine shooting. a minute to go, pacers down two. paul george on a miss. the rebound is batted out. george with a second chance and with a second chance he hits a three, gave the pacers their first lead 84-83. final seconds wizards trail by two. john wall with arunner in the lane. it's good, but it's no good. see, the replay shows that the light clearly goes off before it leaves his hand. that's no good, time expired. wizards fall to the patriots 85- 83. nationals clean-up hitter michael morse received his second treatment for strained right lat and his status for opening day is in question. he was told to participate in no more activity for a week.
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gio gonzalez has been named the starter for the second week of the season and fang god it was not today because gonzalez was roughed up by the cardinals. the nats are shut out 9-0 by the cards now 5-11 this spring. don't go anywhere because we're not. when we return it's andrew luck's turn to impress the nfl scouts in pal blow alto, good -- in palo alto. good place to be. ♪
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welcome back. a day after robert griffin, iii had his pro day in waco, texas, andrew luck held court in palo alto, california despite recent buzz the colts might select rg3 leaving luck for the redskins, probably not going to happen. mike shanahan and dan snyder on the stanford campus to check out mr. luck just in case, but once again not likely. of the 50 passes thrown by luck 46 were completed, two were drops. luck took prom in the pac-10 cellular, made them a national contender. also now made them the pac-12. what about all the attention on andrew luck? >> i don't know if it's all to watch me. we've got a lot of good players on our team, but it is what it. is i guess that's the state of the nfl culture. i guess right now you roll with it and any time stanford getting attention any time this program getting attention, a lot of great guys here, it's a good thing. the arnold palmer invitation at berry hill, the
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host has card privileges. tiger woods, last time we saw him on the pga tour was driven way in the golf cart after withdrawing from the final round with achille's issues. no issues today for the six time champ at bay hill. woods with a 30-foot birdie putt this shot a 69 without breaking much of a sweat. the better part, he didn't break any body parts or get injured either. woods is just three off the first round lead held by charlie wi and jason dufner. today in the nca tournaments syracuse edges wisconsin 64-63. louisville upsets no. 1 seed michigan state 57-40 4 . i'm dave feldman. that's a -- 57-44. i'm dave feldman. that's a look at sports. brian is back. have a great night. >> the verizon 4g lte sports desk brought to you by verizon 4g lte. "a phone, my sweet" and she'll say [swooning voice] "oh, my hero !
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and get one free. verizon.
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race quick look at radar, effect i have to -- a last quick look at radar, folks, i have to point out these showers, might pick up another 1/4-inch of rain as they continue moving down to the south. taking the edge off with what may be the world's smallest pup. this dachshund mix is the size of an iphone. she's already cheated death a few times. she was given cpr when she was born. her name, beyonce in reference to the singer's hit survivor. her shelter is submitting an
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application to the guinness book of world records. now you have the news edge. have a great night. >> fox 5 news isn't over go. to now for news, weather and entertainment updates. fox 5 news is washington's best news on air and online at  brought to you by verizon 4g lte. ♪ [ male announcer ] no success is overnight. ♪ it's about working harder. ♪ and smarter. ♪ it's the culmination of a million decisions.


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